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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) delegates visit Nexia China in Shanghai

Mr. Barry Melancon, President and Mr. Lawson Carmichael, Vice President of AICPA, US accounting firms’ partners who are members of AICPA gathered at Nexia China members’ firm, Shanghai HDDY in Shanghai office on 27 April 2012 for a dialogue forum hosted by Nexia China. This opportunity is arranged by our Nexia US firm, Rehmann.

The 13 representatives from AICPA took the opportunity to exchange insights with Nexia China representatives during the two and a half hour forum. Flora Luo, Nexia TS (Shanghai) Co. Ltd gave presentation to introduce Nexia China and its member firms, Nexia TS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Shanghai HDDY, Beijing Yongtuo, Beijing Zhonglei and Guangzhou Xinzhongnan. Following that, a second presentation focuses on the investing and doing business in China, and the final presentation covers the latest on the statistics on use of foreign capital, company structures and tax requirements.

Mr. Barry Melancon, the president of AICPA expressed his appreciation to Nexia China on behalf of his group,“We are impressed by the Nexia China, and we hope we can further our cooperation in the future”.

Representatives from Nexia China have also expressed interest in cooperation with AICPA members to provide a variety of services to clients.

The significant visit from AICPA was widely reported in the Chinese media through television news coverage, newspapers and the Internet.

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